Game Notes: Drew Gagnon, July 18

Gagnon pitching earlier this season with high-A Brevard County /

Gagnon pitching earlier this season with high-A Brevard County /

Drew Gagnon made his eighth start of the season with double-A Huntsville Thursday since his promotion from high-A on June 24. The Long Beach State product was in need of a solid outing against an advanced Southern League lineup — owning a 1.87 WHIP and 7.43 ERA over his last five starts coming into his matchup against Pensacola this evening — and he delivered with one of his better outings as a blossoming professional.

Here are a few scouting notes on his latest outing.

Line: 6.2 IP, 8 H, 0 R (0 ER), 2 BB, 3 K.

Pitches Thrown (98; 58 strikes):

Hard (fastball/cutter): 54% (74)

  • In-play: 29% (21)
  • Foul: 12% (9)
  • Whiff: 12% (9)
  • Called-strike: 12% (9)
  • Ball: 35% (26)

Notes: Sat comfortably at 90 MPH with this fastball; mixed in his cutter well and generated a good number of swings-and-misses with the pitch and produced a fair number of ground-balls with it. Command of his two-seam is still spotty at best and will need to work on keeping it down in the zone in the future. Overall, though, his cutter can be easily considered a major league-average offering; will be one of his clear strengths moving forward.

Soft (slider/changeup): 46% (24)

  • In-play: 17% (4)
  • Foul: 13% (3)
  • Whiff: 4% (1)
  • Called-strike: 8% (2)
  • Ball: 58% (14)

Notes: Didn’t show signs of being too dependent on his hard stuff, with 46 percent of his offerings coming as either sliders or changeups. Changeup showed good deception and drop to it. Slider has fringe-average break to it, but will need to be more consistent both in and out of the zone with the offering.


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